Friday, December 31, 2004

Small - Big Groups and Happy New Year

New Year will be celebrated tomorrow. There will be big parties where thousands gallons of wine will be served, tons of chickens will be fried and sweets will be distributed. And sure there are at least 70,000 families effected with Psunami still in shock without any New Year wishes. There are also supporters who will not celebrate New Year in parties and they will send the money for the relief work that was intended to spend on New Year celebrations. But the irony is that these people form the small group compared to the former group of celebrators.
For me there are three new years one 1st January, other 23rd January and one more 1st of Biasakh (first month of Indian Calendar). For that reason too 1st January is not very much important to me. Like others I too make wishes and exchange greetings to follow the convention. But doing parties never attracted me. By this way I belong to the small group. For the coming first January I am determined to arise awareness among the people for collecting funds for the relief of Psunami affected and donate it to PM relief fund. This is apart from our contribution of one day’s salary towards the fund. As today when my friends heard my decision to celebrate the New Year this way they appreciated it. In contrast there are also people around me collecting money for the party and the wine to be purchased for tonight and tomorrow. My effort to convince them almost became ridicule and they form the majority of society.
There are people, who agree to help according to their capability when I reach them. Based upon this I see there are two groups again in form of the donors and the receivers. The donors have the basic helping attitude and they form the large group and the receivers have the motivation to convince them to donate and they form the small group. Going door to door and making people aware of these I belong to the small group and I like to in this group, which is respected after wards they have done the job.
This small group will also celebrate the New Year; there will be food of social service, wine of sweat and making arrangement for the basic livelihood of at least one person, who have missed everything except the soul.
Wish A Happy New Year to big and small groups in the world and may next year bring good benedictions to all of us.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bihar – the write thing! -(5) – Tea Production

Chai - Chai! Garam Chai! The most commonly heard words in north Indian stations used by tea vendors. Next time you may be sipping the Chai produced in Bihar in stations or in home. Chai (tea) is the most common beverage used by Indians. The mostly used variety among different kinds of tea is CTC tea. The reason it is called CTC, comes from the words Crush, Tear and Curl. Crush, Tear, and Curl is a method of processing the tea during production in factory. The tea afer passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of small sharp "teeth" that Cut, Tear, and Curl to give it specific taste we enjoy in morning cups. And the Biharis have started producing tea of this type. Adding to your surprise, this variety of tea is as par the Assam CTC and it’s proved by agencies.
And the place where it is being produced is Kishanganj, which is also my home district. Kishanganj is at the down belt of Darjeeling and it have appropriate climate to produce tea, which needs high rainfall and sloppy land. The lands of Kishanganj have produced several crore kgs of green leaves. This is done by more than 10,000 acres of productive gardens. There is an aim to cultivate it on more than 20,000 acres of land and it will be attained very soon. More than 15,000 people are employed in this industry.
Once you come to these tea gardens, it will make you feel the surroundings of the moist green tea gardens of Assam. Here in Kishanganj there are no hills but plenty of small rivers and highlands make the environment tea friendly. Some gardens are near the main town too. If I drive 10 minute from my home, I will reach the green gardens. The gardens are new, they use negligible quantity of the pesticides and the land of Kishanganj is highly fertile .All these together makes the flavour and taste of this tea unique (Unless you have tasted the varieties of different tea you can’t find the difference).Do the local people take the local tea? Due to high cost of production and high demand outside Bihar the price of the locally produced tea is not less than the Assam CTC tea. So local peole buy Assam tea too. Despite the high competions in tea sector and the dominance of Darjeeling and Assam tea the Bihar tea succeeded in making it’s own place. From overall perspective it compares the well known CTC tea in local market and is being sold outside Bihar too. This tea is being exported too. In market if you see a tea with a brand name Kishanbari tea, be sure it’s from Kishanganj. And you can be sure that Biharis are good entrepreneurs ! Chai! Chai! Han Mere Bihari Bhai!
Get a glimpse of the tea garden in Bihar.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Life is like “Darpan – Chhaya”

Today I have something to share with you and its about a Nepali film. Few years back I had watched a Nepali movie –Darpan Chhaya during my Siliguri stay after hearing it’s fame. By that time I had became well conversant in Nepali. After watching the movie I realized that one can grasp the essence of the movie as well as the excellent music even if one knows just Hindi. The whole movie is finely weaved around the delicate human relationships. As the name of the movie Darpan Chhaya suggests that the life is like that mirror and shadow. The end makes the viewer emotionally delicate. If one does not get emotional after seeing the movie, I am sure he have an unusual EQ (Emotional Quotient).
The story of the movie is about a love triangle. It’s about two boys both good students in a collage, and one beautiful girl in the same college. If one have started guessing the story and he may be guessing correct.
Although I have not seen many contemporary movies but I am sure that it is off track movie. The girl got both of them but none could get her! Should I tell why they could not get her? Like me, many people may not like to hear the story of movie before seeing it. Therefore assuming that you are like me I am not telling the whole story here unless asked to do so. But the movie rises some question in our daily life also? Does being attentive to any one is a mistake? Is hearing pains or laughing together needs to be ‘blamed’ as a love symptom? Is getting served from someone or serving someone is seen as a weakness? Attributing all these to flowery love, the selfish love, is justifiable? Why the expectations from human rises on existence of these basic and natural human traits.
And when this becomes the case between two complementary gender the expectations must be balanced. Did any one have seen the Diary of Brahma who is believed to write the three events of life? Then why should we be bothered about the middle event of marriage so much?
I remember the quote of Bajaj, the industrialist, which means “Believe that today is your last day, tomorrow you will be remembered by your today”. Then why should we dream too much when we know that this day may be the last day of our life. Can’t human live such a short life after hearing the voices one likes and tell his voices to the persons who will hear him giving attention? Why is it given a wrapper of selfish love? I don’t have answers. The central character has left an indelible impression on me.

Our` whole short life is just like the mirror and shadow. We need not expect much from it but we can certainly live it fully with a selfless love. And this is lesson the movie gives to the viewers. Assuming I am a movie critique then so I give it 4.9 out of 5 points and remaining 0.1 point is cut off because of the emotional sufferings it gives. Any one who has access to Nepali movies should see it.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Sea, Man and God

This is my impression of Tsunami using my paintbrush.Please see this painting at this link to get a sound effect. You may be asked to download a .wav file and it wouldn't harm your computer.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Bihar – the write thing ! (4) - Common man and Media

Before I continue this series, I would like to make clear about the phenomenon about being Bihari which arose during comments and chats. Here the Bihari means the residents of Bihar, who are proud of many things and at the same time devoid of respect which was available to them in past as a resident of this particular territory.
No doubt they are spread over the whole India doing various odd jobs and also on the responsible posts and there is something which makes us some what different from the average Indian. Be it be the large number of desperate candidates travelling outside the state for competition exams or the red shirt wearing coolies spread over New Delhi station to Lumding station in lower Assam after taking Chura( Bitten Rice) and Gur (Jagery) tied in cloth or Sattu sarbat, strongly determined to face challenges. Be it the representation in ministerial posts in center or the needy voters who take money from ministers for buying sweets or the poor literacy rate or failed population control efforts we Biharis make a difference for sure.
My readers may blame it to media hype or some specific facetious (Cleverly amusing in tone) leaders for making Bihar backward state.
I am not giving the gloomy picture of Bihar but I am trying to find out the circumstances which make the Bihar a backward state. Blaming was never my aim; my effort is to find out the lacuna (A blank gap or missing part) within us as well as the best characteristic dormant within us.
Please don’t blame media; they too don’t have many things to publish here. For them doing here business is more difficult than other state.
I reside near the border of Bihar and West Bengal. The daily newspapers published from West Bengal cost 1.00 Rs. – 2 .50 Rs. and the newspapers published from Bhagalpur and Patna cost 3.50 Rs. or more on weekdays. The reasons can be guessed out; the prominent advertisers come in less number. But it mostly contains local trivial news and many a times missing national and international news. To increase the sale of newspaper they will arrange various contests for local people. For me the headlines in these newspapers are distractive. Some cheap quality magazines are well sold too here which have a large number of young readers. Bihar even though is the birth place of many Hindi scholars, but their readers form only a higher stratum of society.
One thing more in constant demand is competition books and Biharis are specialized in preparing for the railways, banks and Staff selection competitions (Description of preparing for engineering and medical and UPSC can make several blogs again). Biharis are well known for being good at Mathematics and reasoning and a bit weak in English .Their mathematics inclination is strengthened by the fact that the birth place of famous Aaryabhatta, the genius was in Kusumpur (Currently Patna).

Am I am too descriptive about Bihar? May you need change of taste, so wait for the sip of fine CTC tea in next episode in this foggy winter which is being produced in Bihar again.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24, 2004

A tribute to P.V.Narashimha Rao

Pamulaparthy Venkata Narashimha Rao was one of the personalities who changed the way people live and think in India.
This multi-facet personality was born on 28 June 1921. He survived many waves in his lifetime and similarly set free many waves too. His tenures at several important ministries were remarkable in terms of decisions taken. He was given responsible ministries like foreign, defense, home and HRD. During the HRD minister he conceived the scheme of Navodaya Vidyalaya. I am one of the beneficiaries of this scheme. I got a chance to develop my overall personality in the Navodaya Vidyalaya on the full free scholarship provided by HRD ministry, otherwise my life would have taken an unknown turn.

He is often glorified as modern Chanakya of Indian economy. During his Prime Minister tenure he brought in the economist, Manmohan Singh as finance minister and set the mantra of LPG (Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalisation) free to spread. Foreign investment started pouring in and economic reforms took place and this LPG has left an essence for us to think differently.

As a prominent leader of Congress he was vulnerable to several cruel charges too. December 6, 1992, he was charged as not taking pre-emptive action to prevent the demolition of Babri-Masjid. To follow it there was Harshad Mehta case, which never got proved and the JMM bribery case when he was acquitted of charges.

Overall he was a well-known linguist, statesman and a political philosopher too. He was again a masterpiece of verbal economy. When he wrote The Insider, which is in between an autobiography and fiction, in which he have shown the truth underlying the Indian politics.

My tribute to the great thinker, visionary and literary figure who told on being sworn in as prime minister of India," As an Individual, I feel overwhelmed, utterly humble, but as representative of great party, I feel like a colossus”.

May his soul rest in peace and see his dreams come true.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bihar - the write thing ! - (3) - Democracy

I am fortunate enough to visit the centre of first democratic republic of the world, Vaishali, in one of my Navodaya Vidyalaya, Purnea educational excursions. This is situated at 55 km. from Patna across the Ganga. Vaishali also known as Lichhwi and Vajji Sangha set a trend for the world to follow the new concept of democracy. The trend is still in Bihar but the method and values have reversed. One can see the deep malaise in the majority of the vote bank of democracy here. Hopeful citizens will go in form of the hypnotized herd and will stand below the dais to hear their leaders. These speeches of the top leaders are too facetious to be taken seriously by the intellectual class. Even after their term in power, the representatives will hark back the issues raised in the last elections. And we have patience to hear them! After casting the precious vote with a great hope, the common man is paranoid about his security and future generation.
Among the development programs and schemes promulgated, very few will reach the base class of beneficiaries. How much of the amount is sent and how much reaches the needy hands is again a statistics beyond the common man’s capacity of calculation.

I do agree that when most of these issues are prevalent in the other states too then why should Bihar be blamed so much. Yes, we need to be get blamed several times more. We taught everyone the lesson of democracy and we are the biggest sufferer now. Where are those lessons we taught about the power of people for the welfare of people during 600 B.C. in Vaishali? Are those buried or got lost? If those lessons are anywhere in existence ,we need to revise it once more and set a trend again to be followed by others and prove that yes we are Biharis.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Samudra Manthan and 14 Ratnas

According to Hindu mythology Devtas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons) once decided to churn out the ocean of milk to solve the issue of supremacy among them. The churning stick was Mandra mountain on the back of Kurma ( an epical tortoise).The rope needed to churn was the Vashuki ( multiple headed king of snakes of Lord Vishnu). Lord Vishnu sat on the the pivot such that it will not skid in the ocean. All the Gods were on one side and all the Asuras were on the other side. As the churning of the ocean reached the peak, from the froth a deadly scum started forming. All gods and Devils got frightened after seeing it. It was Vish (Poison). Either someone had to swallow it or everyone was going to be in trouble. Seeing the unwillingness of everyone, Lord Shiva came to rescue and he took the Vish in mouth but did not swallowed it and kept it in the throat static. Hence his throat turned out blue due to effect of poison. Since then he is also known as NeelKanth ( Having blue throat) .
After this event the churning started again to result the chaturdash ratnas (fourteen precious ratnas /precious things). These ratnas produced from the Samudra Manthan are as follows:

1. ‘Chandra’ ( Moon)
2. ‘Parijat’ , a tree in the Paradise of Lord Indra
3. ‘Airavat’ , a multi-tusked elephant for again Lord indra
4. ‘Kamadhenu’ , a cow which provides desired objects
5. ‘Uchchaihsravas’ the white horse for Lord Indra
6. ‘Sankha’ the conch of Lord Vishnu used for victory
7. ‘Gada’
8. ‘Laxmi’ , goddess of wealth
9. ‘Rambha’ , the apsara (celestial beauty) for heaven
10. ‘Ratnas’, ( gems and jewel )
11. ‘Kalpavriksha , a tree fulfilling one’s wishes
12. ‘Dhanwantari’, the physician for all Gods.
13. ‘Mada , a goddess
14. ‘Amrit’ (the nectar drinking which one becomes immortal) in a golden chalice ( Kumbha).

Here each of the ratnas has a mythology attached to it, each one quiet interesting. I don’t know if this cyber world likes to hear more about these.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bihar - the write thing ! - (2) - Common Life

Bihar is the birth place of Lord Buddha and 24 Jain Tirthankars (Monks/Saints) and many more important people. Because of the large number of Buddhist Vihar (temple), it got it’s name “Bihar”. May it be the inherited nature of the common man they are still peace loving and religious in nature. If one visits the the remote basic village of Bihar, he can find out the common man working in the fields wearing a Dhoti upto his knees and a towel on the shoulder. The married women if working in the fields will sure have their head covered with a Ghunghat. The men and women are cool and religious in nature. The atheists rarely exist in Bihar.There are several nice blogs on the festivals of Bihar in my friends blogs. I need not write more in this context.
One thing is quiet prevalent in the villages of Bihar, the sense of pride and prestige.
If any way the prestige is hurt, the gentleman will explore his manhood to save it and the exploration tools may be powerful bombastic words and muscular power and if needed Licensed guns (Unlicensed ones may be manufactured if needed!). The prestige issues are often related to the strong caste system and often catalyzed by the political interference.
The fact of caste system exists almost all over India. Here the situation is more deep in the basic thinking of the people. The caste system is the staple food of the political leaders. We have two main categories: “Agra”( forward caste ) and Pichra ( backward caste). I don’t want to go in detail of classes and subclasses. When two unknown Biharis meet, naturally like any other people they will ask their names too. And soon they will try to sort out from which caste the particular person belong by the surname. The following conversation will depend on the nearness of the caste between both.
Interestingly, people when ask my name they confuse seeing no clue from my surname. Hence unable to find out my caste in my surname they will ask my father’s name. Even after when they try to subcategorize my caste, my answer is that I have red coloured blood like your’s. Then they will not ask anymore. I must admit that many of families have adopted the new pattern of removing the surname from the name.There is a new trend here too to delete the surname from the name which signifies one’s caste. As Pankaj Kumar Singh will write Pankaj Kumar and Puja Kumari Sinha will write Puja Kumari.

In my office there are two categories of caste here too and interestingly I belong to both categories of people. Actually I don’t like to belong any category, everyone thinks that I belong to their category because I am close to everyone in official work as well as for their personal ventilation of thought. Here in villages, trade unions, politics and in every department this chronic disease exists. Except the basic human affection tablets in regular dose, I don’t see any remedy of it. The elite well literate class is not an exception too.

Looking the ages back, I can see that the birth of Lord Buddha and Mahavira on this land went in vain. Even after centuries when the other countries are following their preaching about the basic human respect and values, It does not buzz in the ears of we Biharis. We are unable to co-operate each other in progress after removing the caste disparities.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Bihar - the Write Thing? -(1) - Origin as a State

The word “Bihari” is of more important to me and to my identity than my Bengali upbringing as well as traditional values. I accept the fact that many a times I enjoy the dual advantage of being a Bihari as well Bengali. I am born in the territory of Bihar like my parents and have the responsibility of accept the fact of being a “Bihari”.

I am writing this series of blogs to analyze the facts and the fictions behind the degradation of the word Bihari. I had felt this bitter truth for the first time when I went to Chennai 10 years ago. I was searching for a room to stay there along with my Maa. I was not only one from Bihar. There were many students like me from Bihar. There manager of a mess asked us whether we were Bengali. After being tired of seeing many rooms nearby Maa nodded her head in affirmation. I wondered how the manager told so guessed correctly that we are Bengali. Later on I knew that Bengali women’s sari wearing style and Shakhas-Polas (Shakaha - White Bangles made of Conch shells) make their appearance specific. Now the other Biharis also got room but they had to face more difficulties in getting it, there were more enquiries for them, a guarantor, and more security deposit in advance for other students from Bihar. I don’t feel sorry for the acceptance of fact that we felt easier to present our Bengaliness than Bihariness that time, although manager knew that we were from Bihar. But still today many a times we become suspected when we go outside Bihar and tell that we are Bihari.
It’s necessary to trackback the historical lineage of Bihar before discussing more on Bihar and Biharis. It’s a must to know who we are before think why we are so and what can we do.
Bihar became recognized as the administrative unit by Akbar and later on by SherShah Suri. Prior to it there are historical milestones of Bihar. Here is given a brief description (My history knowing readers please point out errors if there are.)
• 544 B.C. The rise of Magadh Empire.
• 528 B.C. Gautam Buddha became Tathagata.
• 498 B.C. Mahavira got the incarnation.
• 455 B.C. Patliputra (Present Patna) became the capital of Magadh Dynasty.
From the period of establishment of Magadh Empire to till death of Ashoka (232 B.C.) the great, the Magadh was the proud and glorified province. There were three Baudha Sangitis (The Buddhists’ Congregation) during this period.

The Period was Mughal Sultan’s reduced the status of Bihar as a province only. In the period of Mughals the province of Bihar enjoyed the peace and stability.
There came the day when a “Bihari” SherShah Suri again took over the throne of Delhi. He founded the present Patna from the Patliputra as the administrative capital of the Bihar province in the year of 1541.
The year of 1764, Battle at Buxar, the English won it. The history started writing a new chapter. The British got the province of Bihar, Bengal and Orissa from Shah Alam II .

The days of slavery were going on. There were several revolts ,among them to name few were farmer revolts (1789), Kol revolt (1830), Bhumij revolt (1832), Santhal revolt (1855).
Of course we can recall the greatness and bravery of Babu Kunwar Singh of Ara and Birsa Munda in these episodes.
There was a constant demand for the Bihar as a separate province. The voice strengthened in the year of 1906. And Yes in the year of 1911 it got declared as a separate province and on 1st April 1912 it got established formally as a province( If you have 1st April syndrome, you may ponder over it). Till the year of 1947 we had many struggles for independence from which some of them turned out as a spark to lead the national fire of revolt. Can we forget the Nil Andolan of Champaran of farmers led by Mahatma Gandhi?

And for good or bad there were two more separations in the year of 1936 for Orissa and the latest 15 November 2000 when the Jharkhand got separated.

These historical perspectives have a lot of thing to tell. If we just don’t blow own trumpet of historical richness or bravery we have something to think over why every time the Bihar become a point of specific identity of separation. Does it have something special or does it don’t have something special to it? More I think about it, more I get entangled within it. Its pity that even after struggling so much for existence we are now condensed as a small Bimaru state. We are still trying to find a ground for existence and a respectable identity.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

In praise of Unique

Your existence is unique .
Your empire is unique.

Your creations are unique.
Your stage is unique.

Your rules are unique.
Your judgement is unique.

Your stability is unique.
Your change is unique.

Your melody is unique.
Your love is unique.

Your nearness is unique.
Your distance is unique.

O my Unique ,
Am I unique?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sex, Technology and Police

Recent news of DPS MMS case, where the director actor duo of the sexually explicit movie are still to be arrested or questioned and on the other hand the arrest of the Avnish Bajaj, CEO of, and the student who sold the movie on the site could puts our police system in a questionable position.
The legal selling of the material can not be justified, but what do we think when just searching the same on Google or Yahoo gives the same material in return free of cost? Are not they doing their business in India? Why not police takes any action for them? Why not the mobile operator be punished who allowed the transmission of such media across the Indian territory?
This whole drama revolving around money and sexuality needs a fresh thinking of our technological challenges regarding the transmission of such vulgar material over the net or such media.
Ok ,Avnish have supported police to track the culprit down. He may not have other way to escape the episode. But filtering the objectionable material for the specific territory is sure a challenge for the computer professionals as well as managers of the companies who are doing e- business.
Section 67 of the Information Technology Act (transmission of obscene material through electronic media) is quiet a useless law in practical sense. If we don’t get diversify our attention towards the premier educational institutions and their students in this episode, the whole matter needs fresh recapitulation of the IT Act of India and the role of Police in implementing it.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Makar Sankranti Specials

Recently I read the blog of Jaya which is a very good cuisine made up of poetry and other food ingredients. I felt responsibility to extend the food blog chain a bit.There comes the opportunity of enjoying Lai’s on the eve of Makar Sankranti which falls on 14th January in North Indian communities. Everyhing is good here except the situation, when someone is guest and served with Big lai on this eve.
That day if one goes to any home home here, there the guest is served with at least two Lai’s in a plate along with other items. Mostly a combination of Moodhee or Chura’s lai with a Til's . It’s easy to eat the til’s lai .But the situation becomes awkward when one is bound to eat the Moodhee or Chura lai sitting in front of many people .There are exclusive two ways to eat them. Either you break it in pieces with your hands or try to bite the part of whole stuff wide opening your mouth  . If one takes first option to break, the lai will break making a cracking sound and to spread some of it’s parts down the plate. For many it becomes difficult to eat the big Lai while talking. And if one takes the second option one can feel some parts of the lai sticking near to mouth. There is no solution available to this problem. No one either serves broken lai or no one likes to get broken lai  . In the next generation I will suggest to prepare miniature lai. If some like to feel the festival more, better go to some village on this eve and have Lai made of roasted rice. It’s so hard to crack that, it’s a real test of Dabur’s Lal Duntmunjan’s effectiveness. While at home one can take lai with the milk which makes it more tasty. Anyway I like lai very much, it becomes a daily ready made breakfast for at least 10 days even after Maker Sankranti. Our Navodaya days are the proof of it when many of the students will get a poly bag full of Lai from their home.
Pirikiya, the all time favorite, is a fast food in a sense of readymade food and it’s preparation is lengthy one. The preparation of inside mixture of Suji, Sugar ,Coconut , Spices , Ghee needs experienced hands and rolling it into a nicely designed maida bread packs is an artistic work. I don’t know to prepare it. Occasionally to please my Mom I can make nice Laddoos of Coconut ( We call this laddoos as “Narkeler Naru”).

There are some excellent cuisines in Bengali community adding to the existing ones and one of them is Pithe / Patisepte. It’s nicely rolled bread (Like bread but not bread) with sweet coconut preparation kept inside. Then it is fried in ghee for a while. It’s soaked in concentrated milk. Allow it to cool. Once cooled completely it becomes ready to serve ......... . :-)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Motto of MH and its realization

“sarve bhawãntu shukhiñ sarve sãntu niramaya”

This is a part of Sanskrit sloka which is the motto of Project MeraHealth (MH). For me it seems difficult to bring out it’s essence in English and I take courage to do so. It means that let everybody be happy, prosperous and free form illness. There is another line also added to it in the original Sanskrit sloka which is, “Sarve bhadrani pasyãntu ma kashyachit dukhã bhagã bhãwet”. – Let everybody be seen as gentle and let not anyone suffer from sorrow.

The project MH understands the underlying philosophy in it and suggests the ways through which it can be achieved. And it can be achieved only after people to people interaction. One person can help other if one wishes to do and finds out the time for it. On internet there are several people who are needy and equally there are people who can help them. Project MH is meant to join such people together. To make everyone happy and healthy each one of us can contribute. I draw an example from a typical Indian society in the health domain:

Mr. Trivedi used to have a normal BP. But one morning no one could ever expected that the severe pain in his chest was due to heart attack until the family doctor told so. It was like a shock in his family. Within 24 hours the news spread to the whole colony and the relatives. Among them there were few persons who also heard this news. Each one had specific information that can help Mr. Trivedi. Mr. Das knew about B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre at Kolkata with its phone no. 033-456-7890/7777. Mrs. Rao knew that there is provision of 75% concession in fare for the heart patient and the companion in trains. Mr. Suman knew that there were medicines which can cure the disease at the first stage and there was no need of operation at this stage. Ms. Gupta had experiences at the hospital, when she went to treat her father for similar kind of treatment as suggested by Mrs. Rao. All these persons give their little but vital information to Mr. Trivedi’s family, their pains lightened automatically. His family members got moral support to face the difficulties coming ahead.

This is the healthy situation in a sound social set up and not everyone is fortunate to live in such a society. MH is intended to be such a sound society on the web and is meant to cater the needs of the people using the knowledge available to others. It’s users base will be mainly from Indian subcontinent. I have used the word continent because there are a lot of people from our neighboring countries, who have similar health problems as ours and they seek help in Indian hospitals.

To see others happy first need is to find out the pains which the other person is suffering and share the pain and gradually help him to overcome it. Each moment of time, each one of us is in at least one of the role among two roles .First is our role to help other and second is in need of help from some other. Project MH brings the people together where one role complements other. Consequently MH will be able to ease out the mental sufferings which are stronger than the physical pain. The healthy society will make the society happy.

Let the small information disseminate among us freely to make better and healthy society. Each one of us has something to share and contribute to make the motto true.

Next Topic:
Structure of MH project

Saturday, December 11, 2004

MeraHealth – Foundation stone

Dear Sir/Friend,
Being a computer science and application student and my enthusiasm to serve the sick people of India has motivated me to devote my constructive attitude for the applications of e-health.
I will be writing on this topic through out my blogging life along with other similar friends on net. I have a dream of reaching medical applications for the lakhs of needy people and to aid doctors whose many of the needs can be assisted using the computers. It needs doctors, NGOs, Govt. officials, developers, supporters and the common man. A small contribution will be helpful .The purpose of this blog is not to generate money for it but the interaction between the similar enthusiasts like me or more than me. I need your ideas, your time, your services for this project. This project on e-health will not generate any money from the common man and doctors. It will give their life an ease. Project is to be called as MERAHEALTH or MH in short (I have registered for it but files need the sponsorship to upload). The word “MERA” is a Hindi word which means “my”. So this project is meant for myhealth, the health of million Indians. The module-1 have been started at NIMHANS, Bangalore two years early as my MCA project work. I choose not to do my MCA project work in any company due to this reason. I like to innovate according to our need or better to say I like to apply the innovations of other great people.This module deals with psychiatry and mental health. Why I choose this topic primarily, I will write other day.From that time, we have two professors Dr.N.Pradhan,MD, Dr.C.R.Chandrashekhar ,MD from Bangalore and from Saltlake software park,Kolkata I have Amitabha Sinha,M.Tech. in this project. More are needed in our team. I wish Dr. Sujay Rao, MS ,Manipal Hospital Bangalore will join us very soon.
The plan for MH is clear to my eyes revolving around it. You will be happy to know that the director of NIMHANS appreciated the module-1 and told about the support he can give for it.
I will not make any monetary profit from this project, the money generated from it will be invested in it again.Some medical companies can sponsor it, I am searching for the suitable one. The companies can run ads on the site in return of their sponsorship.

At last to sum up get a glimpse of my dream:

My neighbor is having a kidney problem.
a)What can I do now?
I go to the nearby doctor or enquire in some medical shop about kidney specialist. We can also go to the bigger town where a nephrologist may be available. Using computers what we can do is search Google for kidney topics and at last receive a lot of information of no immediate use for him.
b) What can be done with the MERAHEALTH project?
Logged on to and searched for the kidney doctor and can find the doctor's address and the contact no. along with the fees and the availability of appointment. May we find that a famous nephrologist comes in the same town tomorrow.Yes this kind of situation happens but we don't know about it most of the time. So we sent a request for an appointment with him instantly. Or we got booked a concession ticket for train instantly and set an appointment at CMC Vellore sitting in a colony of Saharanpur in UP.
The need of hour is make the dream true.

Yours truly,
Prem Piyush.

Next topic :
Motto of MeraHealth

Thursday, December 09, 2004


There is a tailor shop at distance of 100 meters from our house. The tailor “Kalim”
used to stitch my Papa’s dresses, he will charge less to my father. Kalim gives home service to us to take and deliver the cloths as my Papa prefers. Kalim also used to do our minor cloth repairing works. In our medium class family our all cloths are dear companions to us hence we use it until they refuses to fit us. This time Kalim did not returned our cloths, it has been 20 days since he took our cloths. Among the repairable cloths there was new costly suit length of Papa too. He was about to deliver those after 3 days only when he took our cloths. Papa got concerned and he went to his shop to enquire about him. Even after frequent visits he always found his shop closed. Kalim told us that he is about to go his relative’s house after some days. Did he went early or he is sick at home or some thing else? We can never think that he will escape after taking the cloths. He is very simple tailor. His stammering voice and delayed delivery date is well known to us. His red tooth coloured due to pan, looks like a window of his mostly unshaven face. I used to wonder why did not Kalim’s own dresses fits himself well. May he is not able to take his own measurement correctly. The concern for missing Kalim was directly proportional to missing cloths too. The owner of his rented shop was the staff of my Papa’s department. His name was Mr. Sen. Now after expire of Mr. Sen, his wife and two sons take care of the shop. Papa met them and enquired about Kalim. Where he knew that Kalim have closed the shop since last 15 days but they did not told the reason of his shop closure. Baba informed them Kalim have to deliver the stitched cloths to us. So they should inform us whenever Kailm opens the shop.
Next day, Mr.Sen’s son informed us that Kalim have opened the shop. And he also informed that the he is vacating the shop today. We were shocked .Why is he vacating the shop? Anyway Papa told me to go to him at once and bring the cloths back since he have paid most of his sewing charges on his request earlier itself. I went there and saw several people standing at the shop gate for their cloths. He was busy in taking out the cloths from one poly bags and to other. People were busy taking their cloths. On seeing me he gave the stitched trouser of Papa. I asked about the other cloths which required repairing. He told that he will deliver those tomorrow at our house. I was not the only one, he was telling same to everybody who were taking the unstitched cloths. He seemed to beg the persons “please don’t take your cloths, I will deliver all your cloths to your house”. But the people were taking their cloths. May they were feeling insecurity after he will leave the place. “How can we believe you, where you will set your shop, How can we know”a person commented. “I will get another shop some where near this colony only” came the confident reply. In his confidence I saw the weakness of misery. He was sweating and kept begging .My conscience did not allowed me to take the cloths. I was thinking that even if he takes my repairable cloths at least some person will use them. May someone be benefited using these old cloths? Mrs. Sen was standing near by along with his son. On enquiry I knew that he have not paid the rent since last two month. So he was noticed to vacate the shop today itself.
Returning home I told Papa about Kalim’s leaving the shop and my unwillingness to leave the cloths there. Papa suggested me that I should have taken the unprepared cloths too. This time seeing me busy he went to Kalim’s shop for getting the remained cloths.
After one hour Papa was back home without taking cloths. He told me that Kalim will not leave the shop from there because he have settled the dispute of the Kalim and the Sen family. Actually mrs. Sen have told him to pay the rental of shop which was due since last two months .According to Kalim, he has been paying the month’s payment in advance and there is only one month’s rent due to him. He told about the details of the currency notes and the place he have given to her. And now they were proving Kalim a lier. Each months’s rental calculation matters for Kalim. A poor tailor’s argument was more powerful than the owner, His remembrance of dates seemed correct. But a owner’s logic is more supported by the public including other shopkeepers in that building. Kalim’s customers have nothing to do with his payment so they were neutral.
In this materialistic world, money has power, it got logic too, it got votes, it got support. It makes arguments stronger even if these arguments are not connected with the eternal truth ultimately. The common man like Kalim may have truth on his side but most of the time his voice will be lost in the thousand of similar chaos of truth. Deprived of shop, deprived of truth, deprived of support, vanishing base of customers, only companion Kalim possessed is his Prestige. He did not have prestige for his customers to whom he wanted to serve, to whom he begged not to take their cloths. Papa knew the both the parties well he became the voice of Kalim, and found the logical contradiction between them and sorted out the dispute. Papa told the owner to make the diary of rents paid and let him stay there. By this time most of the customers had taken the cloth from him. His shop looked empty with few repairable cloths including ours.

On that evening he brought back my cloths, his eyes were gleaming.

Note: This post title is renamed as an effect of suggestions coming in.

Plane of Curves -

There was an infant, crying to sleep on the crib’s plane.
Mom sung for fairies and assured herself, is crib really plane?

If one believe, there are ears, telling him will not go in vain.
No one knows his plane, and soul can feel him something to gain.

But there was the world, full of curves, the domain was not sane.
He climbed the stair of steps; where each step seemed a plane.

On such planes, there were some highlands and valleys between,
Top of highland seemed a plane, as the valley looked just a plane.

He felt there were friends on different plane, some were high, some low.
Magic planes gleamed and disappeared, and also changed like a see-saw.

Some pushed up, some pulled up, some tried to push him down.
Some times he became king of the plane and some times just a clown.

Sitting on such a plane, thought, why people had told, the Earth was a plane?
When one day they accepted that, everything they believed went in vain.

Moon appears plane, Sun appears plane, on the first sight every thing looks like plane.
Moon round, earth round, sea have curves, as life have curves, Never was such a plane.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Newton’s Law of (E)motion

“Every action have equal and opposite reaction.”

It’s the formal definition of Newton’s third law of motion that we have learnt in our school days applicable to all physical objects. I take courage to widen it’s domain beyond the physical objects. For me this new (old) domain is made of abstract feelings. In other words the every emotion have equal and opposite reaction. Love gives love back, Hate gives hate back, terror gives terror(ism) back.
But many of us might have seen the reverse situations in our life which may seem to defy this rule of emotion. Like..
A person laughs when the opposite wants to tell something else. A person laughs when the opposite cries.A person frowns when opposite could not express something.
These emotions may appear in any combination. When we start thinking of these it seems a quiet complex situation. But I like to find out the simplicity in every complexity.

First of all I never believe that any person wants to hurt the other person knowingly. When he/she want to make other laugh because after seeing opposite’s laughing face he/she will be happy .How the person cruel may be , he/she will prefer to see a happy face rather a angry or sad face. For getting this ambition she/he will go to any measure. This is where the fault starts. This is where the person is blamed to be cruel or rude.
And the fault is breaking the law of emotion.

Actually we did not allow to complete the emotion (action) of the person. In a case when I want to make a person laugh, do he is sitting with some untold emotions?If I want to tell some pains in my heart to a person does already she is crying himself? Should I tell my pain to other when he/she is happy? Let his/her emotion complete, and it’s me who can return the emotion’s action (flow) and the person will get all the energy back.After this I can start a new action wishing that it will complete. The law is quite simple like our own Newton, like me, like you.

What do we need to think is, did the first action have completed the reaction ?

Still in simpler words…
“I need to cry when the other cries” even though I have a great news to be happy.
“I need to hear when the other wants to tell” even though my life is facing disaster.
“I need to laugh when my friend laughs” even though I have untold pains in my heart.

But still the fallible human like me thinks that if sometime I fail to do so, my friend will pass the test of time.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lok-Nayak - A Prakash Jha Film

Last night I started my TV set, which never had a cable connection. Usually I don't have patience to sit before the box for any movie or soap.
Surprise to me the movie Lok-Nayak was going to start. This is a bio-epic on the life of Jai Prakash Narayan, the great contemporary thinker from Bihar, made by Prakash Jha. Again Prakash Jha have succeeded to bring forth the widely talked issues of Jaiprakash Narayan’s (JP) life quite efficiently. There is a good balance between the documentary and a real life drama in the movie. Prakash succeeded to touch the delicate issues related to JP's life like his role in emergency, the couple's decision to lead a "brahmacharya" life ,the surrendering of dacoits of MP.

For me, I have been interested in Prakash Jha and his movies since 1990, because our Principal Dr.S.N.Jha taught him at Sainik School, Tilaiya. Quoting him Dr. S. N. Jha inspired us to take part in the dramas and he made us an instant stage setter for the cultural activity within the notice of 12 hours. Any one here from the first batch of JNVP ? Moreover Prakash Jha is the creator of some of the well-known movies like Gangaajal, Damul and Hip-Hip Hurray.
In this film too his craftsmanship included the interviews of some of his near associates. Although most interviews seemed to be the dumb statement of his life history and very few voices seemed to stick the principles of JP. The film seemed to be short and running fast. The photography and the music is appreciable. The scene in which JP's wife was dying on bed after taking the hands of JP and telling him to chant “RAM SHREE RAM” will leave an impact on some atheists. These are the moments, when the great weakness of human comes out, when he have no laws, no ethics, and when humanity overtakes everything. The film is a reflection of Prakash's in depth study of the contemporary politics. May Prakash Jha is confirming his decision to join the politics of Bihar. His independent thinking may not lead to any particular party. But let's see what the future have in store. Will this Prakash will follow the footsteps of predecessor Prakash for implementation of his principles in the society

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Handwriting <=> Thought

It was year 1994. I was at Chennai (Madras). On holidays I always liked to enjoy the cool breeze of Marina Beach or hopping through Higginbotham book racks, the biggest book store there at that time. I am a book insect (I call myself the grasshopper, I don’t like worms). I had never seen any such a big book store with the freedom to move, choose and buy facility. At Higginbotham, I felt like the free bird, which can perch on any branch. Oh! There was nothing to sit to read in the store, I did not like it. Standing constantly my legs used to ache after few hours. On other days I had flipped the books of almost all the sections except the astrology and cooking section. I did not have too much belief astrology those days but I like to try. I tried to go through the books of the section. But I pulled the book whose title was handwriting analysis. I pulled the book out. Before I tell the content of the book let me tell about my handwriting. Starting from class II, my Maa was very much concerned with my handwriting. I stood second in my class because of my handwriting. My competitor Dheeraj was the proud owner of beautiful handwriting so every teacher including my Maa used to give him better marks. How much I tried to write nicely, I failed. If I tried to make it decorative my writing speed slowed down. If I tried to write fast, the quality compromised. So like other guys I did not had any so called fair notebook. My fair notebook also appeared like rough notebooks of others. The pattern continued till my last Navodaya days. Handwritng matters for marks, I was sure. In every exam now I guess, I have lost at least 5 percent marks due to my handwriting. I know Maa used to tell me that my every alphabet should be legible. In Bengali she used to call my handwriting as “Kekrar Bekrar Theng” (Like legs of crab).As a punishment she used to beat on my palms few times too, to make me attentive towards my handwriting. May she have got more pain than me at those times. She has a pretty handwriting. He used to give me a fresh notebook for writing a page a day even in my class VI. My every effort failed. Even then my handwriting did not looked nice as my friends. I had a lot of inferiority complexion those days in this matter. Naturally I was looking for the way why his handwriting is nice, why mine is bad. I also write the same alphabets as others do but mine never looked fine. Although the simple answer was write nice then see it nice. But I wanted to know why my handwriting is not going the proper way. My thirst for the scientific reasoning behind the handwriting seemed to end that day at Higginbotham. When I opened the book, It was full of various albhabets of different shapes. It was a jumble of at least 10 types of I’s and j’s and almost every alphabet and so many writing pattern of so many human traits.
I tried to compare my i ‘s my o’s , capitals, slants from my habit of writing and those given in the book. I got my answer. I was much ashamed that day because of the introspection I did with my handwriting. It was just a mirror of my thoughts and my nature in those days. And I did not have much money on the day. Most of the time I did not have tendency to buy the books there but to read the variety of books and most good books were costly. I could not buy the book. Next month as soon as my money from home reached there, I bought the book. So the determination of more than 10 years and availability of such book inspired me to think over my handwriting afresh. At the time my age was 17 years. Changing handwriting was not as easy task, so changing the ego I had. Now I must tell that my handwriting was my reflection of my thoughts most of which was hidden to outsiders.Naturally I was determined to improve myself. My Dadu (father of my mother) is a proud owner of good handwriting too. I will put some of his samples on my website in near future. He always used the fountain pen and he used to suggest us using the same. I bought a fountain pen and started using it. Still since then I prefer to use a fountain pen. I became a child student and the book was a teacher for me. I tried according to the book selectinging the best possible way to write the alphabet suiting the characteristic I liked to be in myself. It was a painful time to change the handwriting so changing my personality. I never believe anything until it is told with good reasoning. The book said that our fingers works according to the signals sent from the brain and it have been observed that there are specific pattern appearing from the specific personality. Every week I used to analyze my handwriting with the book. I was moving towards betterment. I was very much happy on the day when a new friend told “Prem, your handwriting looks nice”. Thanks God, He had not seen my earlier handwritings. Anyway “A word of praise to a hardworker gives wonderful result”--- Jaya. It took almost one full year to change my handwriting fully. But still today I recognize one thing in my handwriting that there is a hidden and basic similarity between my childhood’s handwriting and today.And this hidden pattern can be recognized by any other graphologist only. This basic pattern is the basic nature of one’s personality. Due to which I am a unique personality like everybody else which can never be changed. Fascinated with the subject if I get time, I do help others to show the scope of improvement through the handwriting. I am a frequent visitor of museums and I like to sit on the floors there . Kolkata museum have several samples of handwriting of many great personalities (My analysis : Kaviguru Ravindra Nath Tagore was over secretive to hide his mistakes to add the flow of thought , he used to blacken completely his mistakes). Many a people ask me whether a person having a nice handwriting have a nice personality. Actually what they tell nice may not be nice in our analysis terms. So I tell him “May or may not be”. There are patterns and traits which shows the personality just not the beauty of the handwriting. Any way your handwriting reflects you as a mirror. It certainly reflects your current mood and mental state. And there is every scope to improve it till the age of 25 unless someone is strongly determined to do it after this age too. Many of my friends tried to test me. I told them I can score 7 out of 10 if you bring samples as per the rules of analysis. I succeeded and most of the time I got distinction. A Few times I could not. It was easier for me when I know whose handwriting sample it is. In contrast it’s difficult and satisfactory, when I don’t know whose handwriting I am given. 3 years ago when I used to reside in Siliguri, one of my Nepali friends brought a notebook of some of his friend from his institute and told me to analyze it. I took two hours for it and I told him the characteristic of the person. He told me that I was correct and he became disappointed. The reason was the person was opposite to my friend’s nature. I asked about the person whose sample he brought to analyze. The person turned out to be a girl reading in his class and to whom he wanted to propose !!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Scientific Thinking of an Illiterate woman

Today morning I had a peculiar pain in my neck, I could not move the neck to my right side. Maa told me that it may be due to some faulty seeping posture. We talked about the pains in the body .She have a long experience with chronic pain. She is an efficient ayurvedic doctor without any medical degree. We have an almirah full of such ayurvedic herbs and books. But preparing ayurvedic medicines is very lengthy process. So she suggested me an exercise which she learnt from an old illiterate woman, who used to live near to her school. In Govt. schools here you can see such ladies collecting cow dung into the school premises. So she knew my mother well . My She was well conversant with Maa. Now one day she suggested that “Didiji (Madam) you have pain in your body now, I will give you a mantra which will cure your pain”. Seeing Maa’s inquisitive she continued to tell “ See I am giving you the mantra. Don’t tell any body else -- Stand near the electric pole ( the electric lamp posts near the road which is flat and made of concrete) and keep your whole back as well as your feet and back of the head in contact against the pole. Keep your eyes straight and tell yourself “You are my Bhasur (Elder brother of one’s husband) and I am your Bhawo ( Wife of one’s younger brother ) three times slowly. But no body should see you.” Do it daily you will feel relieved from pain.”. My Maa kept smiling while telling the story.
And Maa did not went to any pole and did not muttered the line but followed the underlying scientific theory behind the mantra. Maa did it at home and got relief from pain to some extent.
“The lesson is to stand straight against a wall and stretch the body to the maximum height and do breathing exercises”.
I am too inspired by the old illiterate woman.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

15 Laws of Life - Vivekananda

What You Need to Keep in Mind
1. Love Is The Law Of Life: All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is dying. Therefore, love for love's sake, because it is law of life, just as you breathe to live.
2. It's Your Outlook That Matters: It is our own mental attitude, which makes the world what it is for us. Our thoughts make things beautiful, our thoughts make things ugly. The whole world is in our own minds. Learn to see things in the proper light.

3. Life is Beautiful: First, believe in this world - that there is meaning behind everything. Everything in the world is good, is holy and beautiful. If you see something evil, think that you do not understand it in the right light. Throw the burden on yourselves!

4. It's The Way You Feel: Feel like Christ and you will be a Christ; feel like Buddha and you will be a Buddha. It is feeling that is the life, the strength, the vitality, without which no amount of intellectual activity can reach God.

5. Set Yourself Free: The moment I have realised God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him - that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free.

6. Don't Play The Blame Game: Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.

7. Help Others: If money helps a man to do good to others, it is of some value; but if not, it is simply a mass of evil, and the sooner it is got rid of, the better.

8. Uphold Your Ideals: Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.

9. Listen To Your Soul: You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

10. Be Yourself: The greatest religion is to be true to your own nature. Have faith in yourselves!

11. Nothing Is Impossible: Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin - to say that you are weak, or others are weak.

12. You Have The Power: All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.

13. Learn Everyday: The goal of mankind is knowledge... now this knowledge is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside: it is all inside. What we say a man 'knows', should, in strict psychological language, be what he 'discovers' or 'unveils'; what man 'learns' is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge.

14. Be Truthful: Everything can be sacrificed for truth, but truth cannot be sacrificed for anything.

15. Think Different: All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.

Bride Wanted – A classified

It’s quite exhilarating and awaited words for thousands of parents and guardians (Of course prospect brides too) which appear on Sunday issues of newspaper. I am among the thousands. I read Hindi, English and Bengali paper every Sunday. Once I read it, I decide not to read it next Sunday. Oh! My decision fails next Sunday. Not the topic but the content in it repels me. Some words seem to hurt me, May I am new to these things!

Starting with caste and creed, and showing the status of the Groom (who tells that one should not ask the salary of man?) .Then comes some common words, if not common for each ad but most popular one. I must clarify here that as a reverse effect these words also appear in Groom wanted section too.

B’ful /Beautiful/Very beautiful: So first the upper appearance matters! What do we think of the beautiful mind behind each face? Do only beautiful faces contain beautiful(thoughtful) minds? Or one need not be concerned about the mind at all?

Extremely fair/ Very fair / Fair: Does fairer skin means that one will be adjustable to the family or society? Does it mean that one will get the fair behavior after marriage? Does it mean that the generation will improve in colour? Ok! I wish they should write it. At least the cosmetic companies will be benefited along with you .Since the companies can make the prospect bride fairer in few weeks or 5 rupees.

Slim: Analogous to above terms this term needs clarification to me. Do they want model type configuration? Do they mean that the prospect wife should look smart in jeans while sitting behind the bike as well as gorgeous in Benarasi sari in family functions? Or do they want just a physically fit bride?

Homely: So one is going to bring a bride in “his home”. And he is a busy executive. He has aged parents at home. Someone is needed to look after the parents who spent sleepless night for changing the nappies when the Mr. Executive was an infant! And after all who will take care of home, children, etc.?

I don’t want to hurt any one who will be a bride of someone and who have all the above qualities (Our stereotype society call it !) and probable more qualities addition to it.
I just want to ask that, are these the primary symbols of womanhood and its existence. Does these words does not underestimate a woman. Like selling or buying property, are using these words a necessity for human too?

Why don’t see any advertisement like?...

“Wanted a human, a companion, whose brains I can read. With whom I can share the joys and pains, laughter and tears to complete the important part of the journey.”

Certainly more things needed to be added as per your convenience. And is this not enough?


When do I post my blogs, next thing I do is, checking my previous blogs, not to revise them but to check the comments posted on them. There are always 0 comments like thousands other blogs posted here. I am happy to know this fact. Introspection – Did I heard any body’s voice? Did I heard my seniors the front benchers and front runners. So I start hearing my seniors. Consequently I start seeing their blogs. Almost everyone here has tried to pour her/his soul. If the frequencies of those blogging souls meet my frequency, I put comments (I have to learn how to comment well). My senior bloggers keep talking keeping me near to them. I will like to hear more and more everyday. We the Navodayans are accustomed to do so. We had long morning assembly at the JNVP at the Maranga campus on green grass under the blessing sunshine.
There most part of it will be spent on hearing our principal sir’s (Dr .S. N. Jha’s) long speeches and moral stories (Some days it lasted two hours too. I don’t know whether Jaya had such an experience ). He used to tell us that’s our endurance test and patience that we were hearing him sitting in the fierce sunshine. His speeches still stands true in practical life. Being a Navodayan, I have big ears for bloggers. And Listening is a nice experience.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Addiction – If you can help me!

To me everyone is seems to be addicted. So I am addicted too. Before I tell about myself let me tell about my colleagues. Mr. Sampat before smoking, chews pan. Neither he throws the pan nor he swallows it. May the taste increases as much as he chews it. If some urgent talks is going to starts, he will move to the window and spit half of the chewed portion between the window rods. Judiciously he will save the half of it in mouth and start chewing again. The window rods have become red coloured and rusty due to his spitting. We have Mr. Kishor, a younger colleague. He will get a pouch of Rajnigandha and tear it. He will again tear a packet of Tulsi and put it’s content in the Rajnigandha powder to make a mixture. As a routine work he will pour the whole mixture in his mouth to chew. Human can mimic cow’s style perfectly. He feels confident and starts working. Mr. Pandit is teetotaler so would not touch anything but he is desperate for “money matters” and he will keep every account of it. He is an accountant in Sarkari (government )office. Due to him only our govt. offices have reached so respectable position in our sight. But Mr. Riyaz is quite economical. He likes Khaini (raw tobacco with lime). Near to him if some one is wishes for his work to be done earlier than other waiting persons. He will start preparing khaini for him after rubbing the tobacco and lime together. Mr. Ankit, the peon is not an exception, one day he came drunk wine and sat in front of the accountant and started telling his grievances against the office. So we are leaving a mutually understanding environment. Each one suggests other to be good. Why should I be the exception. Being a person sitting apart from them in my glass cabin, I have tried to avoid all this. But I am addicted too! I too search for something as soon as clocks ticks 5.00 clock and my office hours finishes. I, as well you call this addiction “www”. I think it’s very much sticky and never finishing like chewing gum. And my "http://www". seems more tasty as much I chew it. It’s taste also changes as per the time. If some friend sees me at this time on my PC, he will surely comment that I have become addicted to Internet. I try to explain it’s taste to him. But he will still advise, it’s injurious to my health. Yes, I accept it. When someday at tours or when our office or home internet link does not work, I feel quiet bad. And tense mentally. Since last 6 years I am addicted to it starting my student life. Like my other colleague, I cannot leave my addiction .And I want to be entangled with this world wide web. And I cannot help myself. I am sending a SOS to you :-). If you can help me….